This piece is dedicated to the memory of my mother, who passed away in 2014. It is performed here by the St. Mary's schola, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Arlington, Virginia.

When I received the commission to write Sonata di Gloria (a piece for two violins and piano), I thought immediately of the master Vivaldi, who wrote several concertos for two violins.  Then, in the course of writing the piece, as I got to know Gloria Sussman better and as I reflected on her joie de vivre, her kindness, her zest for life, her lifelong passion for the playing, teaching and enjoyment of music, I could not help but make a link between these two remarkable people--Vivaldi and Gloria--and have a bit of fun with the serendipity of the pairing.  This performance is by the Chamasyan Sisters, who premiered the work in October 2014.

The Chamasyan Sisters have described the second movement of Sonata di Gloria as a "true romance".  It is a song without words, an intimate conversation.

The final movement of Sonata di Gloria, as performed by the Chamsyan Sisters, is an exuberant and joyful Rondo that reflects elements of the dance.

Velvet Shoes was commissioned by the Reston Chorale based on a gift by John and Sue Adney.  It is a setting for mixed chorus and piano of the well-known poem by Elinor Wylie, performed here by the Reston Chorale under the direction of David Lang.

Canzona (originally for oboe and orchestra) was commissioned by the Reston Community Orchestra in celebration of the group's tenth anniversary, based on a gift of John and Sue Adney.  I have arranged the piece for oboe and organ, violin and piano, and saxophone and piano.  It is performed here by Rich Kleinfeldt, soprano saxophone, and Yuniko Rogers, piano.

This Music, for mixed chorus and piano, was commissioned by the Reston Chorale in celebration of music director Fred Wygal's three decades of service to that organization.  The text is my own.  The performance is under the direction of Mr. Wygal, with Tordis Fahringer at the piano.